West District Neighbourhood

West District is a proposed people-first community that features balanced density, public realm attractions, walkability, transit accessibility, and diversity in uses, incomes and ages. People Places led design of all road standards and open space, and collaborated with the design team on master planning for this 100 ac mixed use development.

Road innovations include narrowing of the road width through a combination of parking and tree curb extensions, and “pedestrian first” features like sunny street side patio easements. The destination park has something for everyone, including a skating loop, areas for picnic, performance, forest, outdoor cafe, water park, sport court, bocce ball, and putting green.

At the heart of the activity centre street,  we introduced an 8 acre destination park serving as both urban plaza and community park.  Rather than dictating park uses, we used unique engagement techniques to gather input from stakeholders on desirable activities, thus better complementing existing parks in the area. 

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